Tuesday, February 12, 2008

-by Lancelot

This is a perennial topic, which has probably been debated ever since the practice of doing something extra special for a chosen loved one on this designated day, became tradition.

No doubt there have been causes for happiness as well as disappointments associated with the attention given to February 14th. Through the years, some dread this day, coming as it does on the heels of the Holidays spending.

Aha! Herein lays the rub. Like most celebrated days, a day perhaps intended for modest recognition of some person or ideal, has become painfully linked with overspending woes. Secondly, the ego desires that a “show” be made to establish the status of the receiver and giver amongst their peers.

Valentine’s Day can therefore be stressful and often bring out ridiculous behavior. Some call it survival or self esteem preservation when they send expensive flowers to themselves, at the office. Others are vexed if the flowers don’t arrive by the end of the workday, so that their co workers may feel envious. The sender, if there is actually one, will probably never be able to atone, even if a candlelight dinner was in the offering. You could add your own anecdotes ad infinitum.

But what of mysterious Love? I am sure that we all agree that it should be expressed every day. After all, our Source, by whatever name or through whatever creed, has Love as the main aspect. Acts of Love can bring tremendous blessings. The intention is what matters and is what uplifts the receiver, the giver and the witnesses, if there are any. The expression of love cannot be merely for the temporary thrill or seduction.

Arthur Wing Pinero is quoted as saying, “Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.” Another learned man said, “love is real only for the young and that the mature must look at it with wiser eyes, and see it for the many other things it is – selfishness, robbery and the hiatus between deceits.” Diana Ross and Rod Stewart renditions of “Forever Young”, speaks to the aspect of love’s rejuvenating force.

So to conclude the matter, if we can look at love as through the eyes of our inner child, each day expressing sincerity without reserve, two beings who confide all could experience a strange mixture of love and friendship, sensuality and respect, indulgence and admiration, an amazing mixture of the human and divine, so as to dwarf any commercially designated “love day.”

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